Stalsbroten Shenanigans

New Friday feature? Shenanigans chez Stalsbroten? Consisting of photos from the high quality lens of my iPhone. Potentially accompanied by stories. Potentially just choose-your-own-adventure style where YOU get to make up the story to go with the photo.  

2013-08-19 19.26.29.jpg

Here I will provide the story. Which goes like this.  

My dear husband doesn't love shopping. Which is to say, he hates it. Except for Costco and REI - the only two places I can convince him to go without complaint. And he is a man of extremes, so if he's in, he's ALL in. His love for REI is logical to me - it's a good place. Gear for camping, biking, kayaking, hiking, running, climbing, skiing (all things he loves) abounds.  

But Costco? It's like glorified grocery shopping - it's huge and overwhelming and there's too much noise, too many people, too much stuff. Why does he love it?  

He says it's because it represents abundance. As many avocados, batteries, or rolls of toilet paper as your heart desires. If you buy it at Costco, it's likely you won't run out for months. This particular trip, we were here to buy toilet paper (as you can see next to Dave's foot in the photo above), and it was the first time we'd bought it in 4 months - I swear. The last pack lasted us THAT long.  

Anyway. Dave loves Costco, and he loves pretty much everything in Costco. Things he wouldn't normally care about. Lightbulbs! Swiffer wipes! A giant canister of Feta cheese! Star Wars flashlights! Seven hundred boxes of Velveeta mac and cheese! 

So I shouldn't have been surprised when we walked past a huge wire box full of 100% genuine Australian sheepskins and Dave gasped - "LET'S GET ONE!"  

But I was. Because I secretly loved them. And I know that in any other context, if I had gasped the same thing, Dave would have rolled his eyes.  

It was the epitome of an impulse purchase, so the rational half of my personality told Dave - "Let's think about it." I think the rational half lost the battle as soon as we Instagrammed it. 

We kept talking about it - about how soft it was, how cozy the fawn color fur would look on our floor, about how my mom put a sheepskin in my crib as a baby and I slept with it all the way through middle school, about how nice it would be for movie nights and reading and even wall decor... And then the Instagram votes came in, and we decided - we can't live without this. 


2013-08-20 18.51.13.jpg

And so.  

I can't say we've been disappointed. And multiple people have said how much our babies will enjoy it one day. Cool? I mean, we're pretty happy with it right now, babies or not. It's an excellent addition. 

We're not big on impulse purchases, and we try to stick pretty hard to our budget, but I think our "miscellaneous" category will forgive us for this one.  

So thanks, B. This was a good choice on your part. : )