Garden of Your Mind

Alright, enough radio silence. Time for a new blog. Shoutout to JMo for the push. Wink. 

A colleague showed me this the other day, and at first I thought it was just silly and quirky, but I've found myself singing it over and over for the past two weeks. Dave caught on too, and now it's on regular rotation at Casa de Stalsbroten. We even found ourselves singing it while climbing a big beautiful mountain this past weekend. 

So good, right?!

This remix has brought encouragement and inspiration as we work on a big new project, that started as a little idea more than a year ago (and perhaps even further back than that), and has been growing in the garden of my mind.

 It has amazed me as Dave and I have continued to dream, think, pray, and make the tiniest decisions together, how this idea has grown and become REAL. And now it's THE thing. The big thing that I'll announce soon enough (and no, it's not a baby). 

It's good to be curious about many things.