Now that the holidays have sped past, I am catching up blogging on all the family shoots I did this fall. What a season it was! I was so thankful to get to photograph so many friends this year, including Cat and Josh Lawson. These wisely two beat the annual rush and send out Thanksgiving cards instead of Christmas cards. #props #brilliant As such, theirs was the first card I received in the mail with photos from one of my sessions, and that was SO fun! 


We spent an afternoon in late October around the NC State Capitol building, which is across the street from their historic apartment in downtown Raleigh. Cat and Josh are both lawyers who work within walking distance of their home. Their church and many of the bars and restaurants they like are also within walking distance. DTR was not very cool when I was growing up, but has since become tres cool, so I'm a little envious of this walkable lifestyle they have going on. 

Cat and Josh could take on Jay-Z and Bey any day. In their individual careers and as a couple, they put their heads down, get stuff done, and are changing the world. And they are incredibly fascinating, kind, and generally wonderful people. I loved chatting with them between shots about their jobs and service pursuits and learning a little bit more about the world of law, (about which I know nothing). Shortly after our time together, Cat started a hashtag on Twitter that went viral, was picked up by celebrities (Katie Couric!), and became part of the national conversation about harassment and consent. Boss. 


There's also this gorgeous historic church next door, and I liked it so much that I did a second family shoot in the same spot a week later (more to come on that one). 


The photo below is the one they ended up using for their card — how great are these doors at the Capitol!? 


Thanks for hanging with me, Lawsons, for showing me around your beautiful neighborhood, and allowing me to photograph you this year!