I have a feeling this will be a first installment of many such posts. When I babysat and nannied regularly, I knew that toddlers were hilarious, but it seemed that they became that way around age 3 or 4. However, our kid started talking SUPER early, and we can hold full-on conversations with her, and she won't even be two until December. So there's some pretty funny stuff coming out of her mouth these days. I was just capturing it on Snapchat, and then I realized I should memorialize it in her baby book, like all good first-time moms do. I can't be trusted to remember these things past next week, much less after Baby Brother comes along. 

  • While searching through my bag for a snack: "Whatchyou need?! Whatchyou need!?" Also applies when Dave or I are drinking coffee and she wants some (girl loves ALL coffee, even black). 
  • When sleepy and/or near her bed: "Scratchaback! Scratchaback!" Always said as one word. 
  • Heard her wake up in the middle of a nap the other day and groggily say, "More coffee please!"
  • When dropping Dave off at work, or watching him build something, or type on the laptop at home: "Dada's workin' harrrrrrrd!"

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