And some of our family photos from a couple of weekends ago, taken by my sister Jessie. YOU'RE THE BEST, TANNE JESSIE!

  • She still refers to herself mostly in third person, and she pronounces her name "Eh-tay," unless she's being really deliberate, and then it's "Essstherrrr." 
  • Sometimes while crying (because she bumped her head, can't get on her bike, Butter licked her, etc), she'll say, "Ehtay feelin' a lotta big emooootions!" I started talking to her about "big emotions" when she was upset at just a couple of days or weeks old, and I guess it's stuck. HILARIOUS.
  • EVERY time her feet touch the threshold of our front door when we go outside, she says, "What a beautiful day out here!" I totally love that positive outlook. 
  • She loves to be wet — in the pool, the bathtub, or especially if it's raining. She does not care that she gets completely soaked. Even if we are LITERALLY 18 seconds from getting in the car. 
  • She can sing a surprising variety of songs and recite a lot of books and poems by heart. My father-in-law read to her a lot when they visited a couple of weeks ago, and he took to pausing at different moments in books and let her complete the sentences... I was really surprised to hear her doing that, even with books she had only heard a couple of times. She can do a lot of Robert Louis Stevenson's "Swing" poem, loves to "sing" (recite) "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," and knows many verses of worship songs we listen to (a lot of Bethel and Bryan + Katie Torwalt).  
  • She's up to 4 baby dolls, and these are their names: Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Baby Emma/Eliza (changes from week to week) and Baby Bebo. She must have all 4 to go to sleep, for naps or bedtime. 
  • She's recently taken to drinking "coffee milk," which is a trick I learned from a family I nannied for (hi, Jacobsens!). Just a splash of black coffee in a Peter Rabbit mug of milk and she feels like a SUPER BIG GIRL. 
  • She was quite taken with the cloggers at the folk festival at the state fair a few weeks ago (basically like a NC-style of tap dancing). The 8-12 year old girls wore a lot of sparkles, and now she won't stop talking about "sparklies." I found a pair of glittery platform heels to sell on Poshmark, and she loves to wear them around the house. I'm kind of impressed that she can already walk in them, because they are FIVE INCHES TALL. 
  • She knows when I'm working on Poshmark, and when we're at a thrift store, or when I'm on my phone/laptop, or when she sees a stack of clothes waiting to be photographed on the couch, she says, "Mama's workin' on Poshmarrrrrrrrk."

Other random things..

+If you're a mom, I feel like you should know about the blog The Mom Edit. It's the mom version of Man Repeller (which is a refreshing blog for me, as the writing is clever and it stands out from other fashion/lifestyle/women's blogs). I am really thankful for the changing tide of motherhood, that appeals to another set of women who don't necessarily want to wear yoga pants and no makeup 24/7. I know LOTS of moms like that, but personally, I feel like a super frump if i don't shower, do my hair, and put on makeup and real clothes on the daily. So this blog GETS ME. And I appreciate that. 

+ iPhone's new iOS upgrade with the GIF keyboard is going to be a major marriage enhancer for the Stalsbrotens. I honestly don't know how we've made it this far without it. 

+ Things I miss most while being pregnant (not in any particular order): overalls, sleeping on my stomach, painting my own toenails, living without heartburn, running (weirdly), carrying Esther around unencumbered, pants not falling down and/or cutting into my growing belly. Hello?!?!

+ Things I love about being pregnant (this time around): feeling this little dude moving ALL THE TIME, not being so concerned about how my body is changing, my maternity clothes (seriously! even sans overalls, I'm digging them), feeling more connected to this baby (because now I know the joy of having a baby!), how fast this pregnancy is going compared to being pregnant with Esther, the AMAZING group of moms I have around me, Esther understanding that she's having a little brother and being SUPER motherly to her baby dolls (SO CUTE). 

These photos were taken at 33 weeks, and I'll be 35 weeks this weekend. With any luck, he will be here just after Thanksgiving (what I am TRULY hoping for)... And if not then, we're shooting for the 5-7 week mark. Which is amazing!! Little dude, we are so thrilled to meet you soon!