Fridays were just made for blogging, ya know? Or so it seems in my world. 

I'm sitting here feeling like a grandma... Trying to download the new iOS update for my phone, but I don't have enough space (it's freaking HUGE), and so I'm trying to backup photos to the desktop. And I can't figure it out. So I have to wait for Dave to come home. 

Normally, I could figure out something so simple, but for some reason, I can't right now. Is this the beginning of the end!? Is this what they call pregnancy brain?!

Funny side note: I thought pregnancy brain was silly. Is that even real? It sounded made up to me. But last week, during our very first birth class (which we both love — it's hilarious and super helpful), the teacher brought up circumcision, and how it's one of the decisions parents have to make about birth. Since we're going to a birth center with midwives, I wasn't sure if they do that procedure, and made a note to ask about it at my next appointment. I continued to think/stress about it for the rest of class — "Will we have to go to the hospital the next day? Or a couple days after? I know that's important to us, so we should figure that out ahead of time..."

Umm... TOTALLY FORGETTING THAT WE'RE HAVING A GIRL SO IT'S A TOTAL NON-ISSUE. Hahahaha. I had a good laugh at myself. 

Anyway, back to my phone/photo issues. I was going through old photos, and found these from Anacortes that we took sometime last year. Since we're headed up there this weekend (only a few weekends away from finishing the kayak!), I thought it'd be fun to post them. It's such a beautiful place.