Today is our second anniversary, so I thought I'd post some film from our wedding to celebrate. Thanks to the lovely Roxanne Turpen for snapping these on my Holga!


Two years has just flown by. In some ways, April 14, 2012 feels like yesterday, but I also feel like we've been married for much longer. So cliché... does everyone feel that way?

 It's funny, I remember thinking on our first anniversary that we truly did have a whole honeymoon year. Everything was easy, we didn't have too many challenges, we only had a few conflicts (epic, but few), life was pretty smooth. And literally on our anniversary trip to Cannon Beach, things started to get more intense. Not bad, not crazy hard, it's like the heat just got turned up a little bit. The second year together has definitely been more challenging than the first. I don't know why people always say the first year is the hardest, because that certainly wasn't true for us. 

But it's the best kind of challenging — the kind that pushes you and makes you better and knits your hearts closer together. The kind that builds trust. I'm thankful for all of it. Marrying Dave was the best thing I've ever done. He's my dearest friend, and I love sharing life with him. 

Last year, Dave surprised me (after I had a particularly rough trip to Sierra Leone for work) with a weekend at Cannon Beach, which was so restful and lovely. We decided that we'd alternate planning years, so this year is my turn to plan our trip.

Originally, I wanted to go to Zion National Park in Utah, but we ruled that out for expense and time (but we still totally want to go together!). So we've decided to go to Vancouver, BC instead. In five years of living in the Northwest, I still haven't been! And everyone raves about the food. So we're headed there, but we need suggestions.

I considered shutting down my Facebook account a couple of weeks ago, but crowdsourcing is the number one reason I decided to keep it. I can do without people's political/social/health/theological rants and opinionated status updates (including my own!), but when I have a question and need input (housebreaking a puppy! we need a place to live! where to eat in BC!), Facebook never fails to deliver. 

So, if you happen to have suggestions for travel to Vancouver and its environs, feel free to leave them in the comments here. I'd so appreciate it. : )

Two years! Here's to many more, B. xo

PS : Just for kicks, here's our wedding video, shot by We Are the Hoffmans (thanks Zach and Jenny!)