The big news... here it is!

So this was yesterday's big news (thanks so much to everyone who liked and commented - I feel so much love and encouragement!).

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 2.08.52 PM.png

Today's big news is not a baby or a puppy or a kayak or a new house (all things that have been floating around discussions and rumors lately), but a business. 


I am a SMALL BUSINESS OWNER! WHAT! When did that happen? And how!?

Mostly it was my sneaky husband and his loving encouragement over the past year and a half. He was the one who applied for the business license, got our tax id, arranged a meeting with an accountant (sweetest lady ever) and dragged me to the bank to open a business account. Those are all things I would put on a mythical to-do list and never actually get done. What would I do without Dave?! A whole lotta nothing (aka "brainstorming" via Pinterest and blogs).

Yesterday, someone told me that for our business, I am the brand and Dave is the CFO/CEO. Yes, exactly. Mickey Drexler and Jenna Lyons, if you will. Dave has amazing vision and planning and management skills, and he geeks out about things like taxes and budgets. I'm more into details, aesthetics, and customer touchy-feely stuff. And I geek out about editing programs. We make a good team. : )

Anyhow, I'm kind of skirting the main thing here, aren't I?

The short story is this: a few months ago, we officially launched Listen: Storytelling for Families. Then I dropped down to part-time at World Vision. I finished yesterday, and now I'm full-time running this little company that will provide beautiful, multimedia memoirs for families. 


Our website explains more, but we'll be interviewing family members (like your parents or grandparents) about the stories that you've always heard growing up and are special to you. Then we'll edit the audio, scan old photos, and create slideshows, NPR-style audio packages, photo books, and transcript booklets. This means that families will have a variety of ways to interact with these stories, rather than just waiting for holidays to hear grandpa tell them. And what happens when grandpa passes on? It's sad if all the stories go with him, so it's a great way to preserve family history too. 

We've already had a couple of clients, and are definitely looking to take on more, so do let me know if you know anyone who'd be interested. And yes, we'll travel!

I've looked, and I really haven't seen anyone else doing this, much to my surprise. And every time I tell someone our idea, they say, "That's amazing, my grandma was just telling me the other day..." And then they launch into a story. It's awesome.

I love stories. I love editing stories. I love making interesting packages from stories and taking pride in handing them off. 

We're pretty excited for this new adventure. Say goodbye at World Vision was hard (that's a whole different post), but we've been looking forward to this for a long time. 

So here I am, entering the world of the self-employed. My office is a coffee shop that overlooks the Puget Sound, and my coworkers are other creative-types in Warby Parkers and chambray typing away on Macs. I'm kind of excited about all of this. Will there be hard spots? For sure. Will I have trouble staying motivated? Maybe. Am I doing what I love? YES. 

Dave and I are in it together and we're pumped. Thanks for cheering us on. 

ps: If you're curious about the company name, here's a blog about that: