What could be more boring than talking about the weather? Well, in Seattle when it gets above 65° and quits raining, that's cause for not only talk, but celebration. Especially if it's in July.

So, we're talking. And we're celebrating.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch in NC, everyone is enjoying a million days in a row of triple digit heat. I hear this is the case in most of the country except for our little isolated Northwesterly pocket. Can't complain about that.

But tonight my mama sent me a video of a thunder and lightning storm that she and my dad were watching from the front porch. Heavy gray clouds, quiet rain, and the occasional flash and boom. And that made me miss those hot southern summers.

I used to dread summer. WHAT'S THAT you say? Well, I did. I think it had mostly to do with the horror of wearing a bathing suit and short shorts 95% of the time from May - August. Wasn't a big fan. I think I've since outgrown that... healing and such, you know. Being in a swimsuit and shorts isn't so scary anymore.

And as I watched my mom's sweet video this afternoon, I remembered what I love about southern summers.

A long, long day in the pool, trying to escape the heat. Then you come home 'round 3 o'clock or so, have a snack, and snuggle up under some blankets in your over air conditioned house to take a nap. Sugar Ray on the radio. Brown skin. Playing in the sprinkler until a sudden storm whips the sky into a frenzy and you run inside screaming with the thunder. That storm cools the air for the rest of the evening and you swing on the porch after a big dinner (which probably included watermelon) for a cozy chat with the family. Lightning bugs. Sleeping with the windows open and only one sheet.

So good. So  many warm memories. And I've fallen in love with Northwest summers (honestly, it's why everyone moves here), but the two experiences are so very different. Both are cherished.