the moment before

Portraits can be a little dull, I'll admit. I have to do a lot of them for work. I admire photographers who can capture something in their subject that also captures the viewer, in what could be a mundane photo. Sometimes it's the moment before the "real" photo that I find most interesting. This is Emmanuel, a World Vision staffer from Ghana, working in Zambia, and when we took this photo, we were in Malawi. After our week of working together on water projects, Emmanuel told me that he needed a new headshot, as he's always in his bush clothes, and never looks dignified enough for a proper portrait. I happen to think portraits in bush clothes are the most interesting, but I obliged him. He turned away from me to button his suit coat, even though beneath it, he just had on a tshirt and shorts. Loved working with him.

[caption id="attachment_207" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="Abby Metty/World Vision 2011"][/caption]