things i'm super excited about

... in a very particular order (increasing excitement, increasing importance : ) 1. a beautiful fall day in Seattle, when rain originally filled the whole forecast 2. save the dates ordered, printed, retrieved, addressed, for approximately $100 less than anticipated. 3. free tents for the wedding 4. an airplane seat right next to Dave all the way from RDU to SEA on December 21 (I know I said it already, but it bore repeating) 5. Guatemala in 13 days for gajillions of photos (another super last minute work trip, which I love) 6.  three whole days with Dave in Nicaragua after Guatemala — also unexpected, but SO SO GLORIOUS in this loooong stretch of not seeing each other

SO MUCH to be thankful for! And it's not even Thanksgiving yet! Oh yeah — bonus thing I forgot to put on the list: I get to go home for Thanksgiving! First time in 3 years!

Life is sweet. : )