new casa

I moved a few weeks ago. I'm now living in the most diverse zip code in the United States. True story. I love it. Observations and idiosyncrasies so far:

1. The ice cream truck is no respecter of traditional times to sell ice cream. It's all hours. And he plays Swan Lake out of those tinny, off-key speakers, in rotation with "Do Your Ears Hang Low," as per most other ice cream trucks. Classy.

2. Every morning, it smells like fried chicken around my house. I have no complaints.

3. There are children in a house nearby that I hear playing in the yard until — literally — 2am. I'm wondering why their parents let them stay up so late.

4. The best food in Seattle is in this neighborhood — Ethiopian, Iraqi, Vietnamese, Mexican... Excellent.

5. After living one year without laundry facilities in my house, to have a washer dryer right next to my bedroom is nearly utopia.

6. This will be my LAST HOME as a SINGLE LADY! Wherever I (we!) live next, we will be MARRIED! Woohoo!

That's about it. In other news, Dave and I have been hard at work on wedding stuff today, since we realized that April 14 is sneaking up on us. 231 days (a little more than 7 months)! Wedding website and save-the-dates soon to come — they look sooooo good. : )

[caption id="attachment_136" align="aligncenter" width="432" caption="Hanging out last week on the beach in Ogunquit, Maine."][/caption]