Move Out Letter

For those of you who have enjoyed our humorous correspondence with Travis, here's the latest (and maybe last) bit of communication we've had with him, given our impending move-out date (the first week of August). ___

Abby and Abby,

Thank you for your tenancy this past year. There are too many memories and moments that we shared to recount, but I'll try anyway. There was that one time I waved at you when you walked by. Then there was that other time when I did more of a nod thing when you walked past me. And then well... that was pretty much it. So we specifically didn't share much, but it was a crazy year nonetheless. How could any of us (me and the person reading this) ever forget how incorrigible little Abby N. turned into a zombie and almost completely eliminated the human race. [Edited out one inappropriate line, the first Travis has ever written! : )] And what was up with that brief dragon offensive on your section of the house? Thank goodness we had Abby N., who sated the dragon's fire breathing urges by teaching them about the power of ballet. "Why burn down a house when you can just Plie instead?" Indeed. Now we must move on from this amazing past and make a better tomorrow, tomorrow. (Nod to Stephen Colbert for the line, although I technically said that before he ever did. Yeah, I did. Deal with it ladies.) As for the tomorrow part; specifically, in regards to your move, please make sure that you remove any and all furniture, personal belongings, and Abby's from the apartment.

Cleaning - These are the list of items to be cleaned thoroughly before vacating... Walls, Windowns, Toilet, Tub, Selves, Medicine Chest, and Floors. Also, Range, Refrigerator, and Cupboards should be clean inside and out.

Lastly, please return all apartment keys to Unit #8 before you leave. If not, your cars will be lined with TNT and blown up. In addition to your cars being blown up, and the real negative, a small fee will be charged to you for keys not returned. If you have any issues, please contact Travis through his email. Thanks Abby^2 and I sincerely hope you both live forever... or more realistically, 80.5 years. Also, remember not to get kidnapped. Ciao.



We will miss this, our best landlord ever (besides my dad). I've sometimes wondered if he corresponds with all his tenants this way, or if we've just encouraged his humor through the last 9 months. It's made life in this cozy little apartment quite entertaining.