"I started collecting things when I was a child. I collected fossils and coins, and then it became more photo books, postcards, and more recently, political ephemera. The whole process of photographing is like collecting, too. You have the world out there and you have to make sense of it and you do that by gathering pictures and making them into stories and narratives." -Martin Parr, photographer

After I took the Strengthsfinder survery and discovered that one of my top five is input, I learned that input people usually like collecting things. I don't remember being a huge collector when I was little, except for American Girl doll catalogues that were exactly the same except for the covers. My mom tried to make me throw away a stack of 40 or so and suggested I just tear off the covers and save them. I was horrified at the thought, and refused. I don't know what ever happened to those catalogues...

Anyway, the point is, I bet Martin Parr also has input as one of his top fives, and here's the photo connection. Makes sense to me — collecting stories and narratives. I like it.

(PS: not really a huge fan of his work, but that quote, from this interview, spoke to me)