july. july?!

wowza. how did it get to be july already? i feel like i've been in a perpetual state of jetlag for a month. or 6 weeks. which is nice when you live on the west coast, because it means you wake up early every day and getting out of bed isn't a struggle in the pre-dawn hours. but i guess in a seattle summer, pre-dawn hours are 3:30am, so maybe getting up that early isn't such a great thing.

anyhow. haiti, new york, rwanda, amsterdam, north carolina, oregon, etc etc. next week, D.C. (dear D.C. friends, can you work on getting the temperature dialed down a bit there? thanks.)

life is busy. blogs are in short supply. but i have lots of thoughts, and photos, and videos. someday i'll share them all.

as always, life is beautiful, with moments of pain and sadness, but overall good.